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Brent Swolsky is a youth engagement and motivational speaker. As an educator for over 20 years, Brent understands, first hand, that teens are shaping the world everyday. Drawing from his own personal and professional experiences, Brent delivers a message of hope to youth, that the experiences they have help drive the choices they make. To book Brent for your youth conference, summit, summer teen insitute or Operation Snowball event, please click the "Get in Touch" link.

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My Story

Brent Swolsky has been an educator for 22 years, as both a special education teacher and a high school counselor. For most of that time, he also served as the Student Assistance Program (SAP) Coordinator for Schaumburg High School (Schaumburg, IL). Brent earned a B.S. Ed from The Ohio State University, and a M.A. Ed from Ball State University, both with a concentration in Special Education. He also holds a Masters in School Counseling from Roosevelt University. Working directly with young people EVERY DAY, Brent understands first hand the power of interpersonal communication. Utilizing best practices in Education, and with a mindful approach to programming, Brent strives to empower youth in making healthy choices in their lives, free from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. In 2019, Brent was selected to receive the Illinois Association for Behavioral Health Prevention Leader Award. The roots of positive living run deep for Brent, and he’s always excited to share his adventures with others!



What's yOUR Story

Every day, through our experiences, we gather material that can be used to tell Our Story. Brent's programs are designed to challenge the mind and spirit as we explore our interconnected ways together. Through storytelling, conversations, and activity, Brent aims to engage his audience in a meaningful dialogue, so they come away with ideas on how to share their own story.

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Keynote Presentations

Life's Most Important Phrases (60 Minutes)

Words are important; they mean something. And when words are infused with context, relevance, and a bit of pop culture, they create something unique, relevant, and special: Stories. This keynote challenges youth to embrace the notion that everyone has a story to tell. Some are humorous, others compelling; but most can be uplifting and inspirational. It simply takes a few words to get the story rolling! With a dynamic blend of group interaction, storytelling, humor and wisdom, Brent delivers a presentation that will leave members of the audience wondering, "What's my Story"?

HOPE for the Future Starts NOW! (60 Minutes)

Life is a journey with many diverging and converging paths. Roads not taken may very well be connected to the ones that are. For many of us, making the “right” decision in our lives, be it little or great, can be daunting, uncertain and, at times, downright scary! This presentation explores the idea that we, as humans, have the ability to not only create a vision for our lives, but the means to bring those visions to fruition; even as life sometimes adjusts the vision for us. Participants will come away from this keynote with a better understanding of the connections between developing long term visions, setting long term goals, and applying both to a daily routine.



H.O.P.E. Helping Others Produce Excellence (45-75 minutes)

Our world today connects so many lives in so many meaningful ways. Yet often times, we find ourselves "going it alone" as we do the things we are most passionate about. Without the physical support and collaboration of others, our ideas and actions can seem one dimensional. H.O.P.E. brings us together to understand that one doesn't have to work in a silo to accomplish tasks and meet goals. This workshop focuses on taking the negative thoughts, feelings, and actions that can come with self-drive and self-pride, and channels them into productive and meaningful collaborations. Participants will come away with a message of "H.O.P.E." that they are not alone when writing the story of their life!

What's yOUR Story?!? (45-75 minutes)

This workshop draws on the concept, energy, and spirit of Life’s Most Important Phrases and brings participants to a deep personal level. Partners have an opportunity to share relevant  stories  of  their  own  lives,  through  the  unique  and  powerful  lens  of  empathy. Participants  will  come  away  from  this  session  with  a  better  understanding  of  the challenges and successes of their counterparts’ lives because, for a brief time, they will have seen it through their own eyes.

yOUR Target. Know It. Protect It. Move Beyond It. (60 Minutes)

As we make connections with others, we often seek out and rely upon the commonalities that bring us together. Sometimes, however, it’s our differences that can create a sense of unease, if those we are trying to connect with have certain biases. These biases can lead to identity- based bullying and hinder the development of positive interpersonal connections. By using a combination of large group activities, small group discussions, and active listening, this keynote presentation aims at helping participants identify their own targets, learn how to protect themselves from identity-based bullying, and move beyond the target to find common ground among one another.

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Ashley, Director

Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute

"Brent Swolsky is a dynamic, engaging speaker, whom we felt lucky to have at our youth conference"

Tony T. 

High School Counselor

"From start to finish, Brent was on.  A genuinely engaged and kind guy with a heart for lifting up others, Brent was the perfect kick-off for our Snowball!”

Lexi, Student

Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute

"You felt what he was talking about, and he knew that it was something that we were all going to be able to appeal to."

Laura L.

Youth Leadership Trainer

Brent is awesome! He utilizes his 20+ years of teaching and counseling experience to connect with teens in a fun and engaging way. He makes them laugh, sigh, and think about living a meaningful life. Book him today!"

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