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Every day, through our experiences, we gather material that can be used to tell Our Story. Brent's programs are designed to challenge the mind and spirit as we explore our interconnected ways together. Through storytelling, conversations, and activity, Brent aims to engage his audience in a meaningful dialogue, so they come away with ideas on how to share their own story.

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Ashley, Director

Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute

"Brent Swolsky is a dynamic, engaging speaker, whom we felt lucky to have at our youth conference"

Tony T. 

High School Counselor

"From start to finish, Brent was on.  A genuinely engaged and kind guy with a heart for lifting up others, Brent was the perfect kick-off for our Snowball!”

Lexi, Student

Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute

"You felt what he was talking about, and he knew that it was something that we were all going to be able to appeal to."

Laura L.

Youth Leadership Trainer

Brent is awesome! He utilizes his 20+ years of teaching and counseling experience to connect with teens in a fun and engaging way. He makes them laugh, sigh, and think about living a meaningful life. Book him today!"

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