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Keynote Presentations

Life's Most Important Phrases (60 Minutes)

Words are important; they mean something. And when words are infused with context, relevance, and a bit of pop culture, they create something unique, relevant, and special: Stories.  This keynote challenges youth to embrace the notion that everyone has a story to tell. Some are humorous, others compelling; but most can be uplifting and inspirational. It simply takes a few words to get the story rolling! With a dynamic blend of group interaction, storytelling, humor and wisdom, Brent delivers a presentation that will leave members of the audience wondering, "What's my Story"?

HOPE for the Future Starts NOW! (60 Minutes)

Life is a journey with many diverging and converging paths. Roads not taken may very well be connected to the ones that are. For many of us, making the “right” decision in our lives, be it little or great, can be daunting, uncertain and, at times, downright scary! This presentation explores the idea that we, as humans, have the ability to not only create a vision for our lives, but the means to bring those visions to fruition; even as life sometimes adjusts the vision for us. Participants will come away from this keynote with a better understanding of the connections between developing long term visions, setting long term goals, and applying both to a daily routine.

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