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H.O.P.E. Helping Others Produce Excellence (45-75 minutes)

Our world today connects so many lives in so many meaningful ways. Yet often times, we find ourselves "going it alone" as we do the things we are most passionate about. Without the physical support and collaboration of others, our ideas and actions can seem one dimensional. H.O.P.E. brings us together to understand that one doesn't have to work in a silo to accomplish tasks and meet goals. This workshop focuses on taking the negative thoughts, feelings, and actions that can come with self-drive and self-pride, and channels them into productive and meaningful collaborations. Participants will come away with a message of "H.O.P.E." that they are not alone when writing the story of their life!

What's yOUR Story?!? (45-75 minutes)

This workshop draws on the concept, energy, and spirit of Life’s Most Important Phrases and brings participants to a deep personal level. Participants have an opportunity to share relevant  stories  of  their  own  lives,  through  the  unique  and  powerful  lens  of  empathy. Participants  will  come  away  from  this  session  with  a  better  understanding  of  the challenges and successes of their counterparts’ lives because, for a brief time, they will have seen it through their own eyes.

yOUR Target. Know It. Protect It. Move Beyond It. (60 Minutes)

As we make connections with others, we often seek out and rely upon the commonalities that bring us together. Sometimes, however, it’s our differences that can create a sense of unease, if those we are trying to connect with have certain biases. These biases can lead to identity- based bullying and hinder the development of positive interpersonal connections. By using a combination of large group activities, small group discussions, and active listening, this interactive presentation aims at helping participants identify their own targets, learn how to protect themselves from identity-based bullying, and move beyond the target to find common ground among one another.

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